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* Annual Invoices were mailed - Payments due April 15th

*Beach Clean-up and Tag Pick-up - Sunday 4/23(see list in March Oakleaf page 3)

*Summer Picnic June 24th - Need volunteers to coordinate and help out

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Check out this website with information and resources on Jersey-friendly yards.


Oakwood's new playground equipment has been installed and enjoyed by lots of neighborhood kids. Please see and follow the safety instructions found here.

.To make sure we all get along together as happily as possible, please see and abide by these few rules of the road for Oakwood facilities.

Facilities Use Rules

Picnic Area Request Form

Picnic Area Use Guidelines

Visit to set up your alerts from the Medford Police Department.

Checkout Medford Police on Facebook here for township information.


.New law regarding lawn fertilizer

The New Jersey Fertilizer Law was conceived to protect all New Jersey surface and ground waters from impairment. We have seen some of the effects in unsightly excessive weed growth, which disturbs the balance of the lake and requires chemical treatment. Please see the full law here and also read our brochure on the Pinelands here.

Please do not put leaves or debris into the lake, as it disturbs the ecology of the water and will eventually cause expensive cleanup. Take advantage of the township's collection and make sure landscapers take debris for proper disposal.



Beach Tags and Boat Decals

Please be sure to have your Oakwood identifiers when using the lake, beach, picnic or tennis areas. At the beach, show your wrist band to the lifeguard and sign in for your party. On the lake or the boat rack, make sure your decals are on your water craft. If you paid your fee and miss the pick-up at beach clean-up, you can get ID's and decals from Mary Ann Brookes (38 Red Oak Trail, 953-4035). Please call first to make sure someone is available.


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