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Tax Maps

Map 1

Taunton Road - partial
Tuckerton Road
Holly Drive
Oakwood Drive - partial
Pine Trail


Map 2 
Elm Drive
Elm Court
Red Oak Trail
White Oak Trail
Pin Oak Trail
Black Oak Trail
North Lakeside Drive West


Map 3 
Cedar Trail
Taunton Road - partial
Oakwood Drive - partial
Beach area

Oliphant's Mill, built in 1865 by Danial Oliphant. It was the first of four mills in the Medford area. This photo was taken around 1900. Location is the intersection of Hartford and Taunton Rds, where our current dam is located.

About Oakwood Lakes

Located in historic Medford, New Jersey, Oakwood Lakes is a community of natural beauty, in the lakes and flora and fauna of the southern New Jersey Pinelands.


It is a neighborhood with 272 homes of varied architecture, where you will see joggers, dog-walkers, bikers, and boaters.


As in the rest of Medford Township, it is an environmentally conscious area.


Oakwood's dam, located off Himmelein Road near Hartford Road, was originally built in the 1950's to provide the 20 acres of lakes throughout our community and was rebuilt to current DEP specifications in 2002.


Originally incorporated in 1957 as the Oakwood Colony Club, the current Association uses the T/A name of Oakwood Lakes Community Association.


Its purpose is to maintain the common areas of the community, including the entrance signs, the dam and lake, beach, tennis courts and picnic area for the use and enjoyment of the residents.

The community is governed by a set of By-Laws authorizing its board of trustees, fees, meetings and other matters.


Nancy and Frank Magnussen bought a lot in 1958 and had their house custom built by Walt Claypool. They moved into their new home on Oakwood Drive in April 1959. Magnussen's house was the 11th in the development, which was called Colony Club back then. It was the only house on the Tuckerton side of Elm street.

The log cabin built by Mr. Custer on the corner of Cedar and Pine trail was already there.


Times were different in 1958. There wasn't any business on the intersection of Tuckerton and Taunton - no gas station or WaWa.

Tuckerton was still a dirt road! Taunton had the right of way on the intersection with Tuckerton.


During hunting season, hunters were plentiful just across the street from their house. The Magnussens used to worry about their dog until hunting season was over.


Other early residents of Oakwood Lakes were:
Mickey Gray (1953)
Charles J Gehring (1954)
Jay and Alfreda Custer
Vic and Virginia Hewitt

Early Days
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